Thursday, 27 Jan 2022

Snow wall to engulf UK on Christmas weekend as Arctic chill takes over – weather map

Christmas forecast: A look at the chance of snow for the UK

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Snow chances will increase to as much as 60 percent in some areas across northern England, but the chart show southern England, Wales, and the Midlands will also be more likely to see some. The latest WXCharts map shows a wall of snow slowly developing over Scandinavia and making its way southwards towards the UK, engulfing the Scottish isles and northern Scotland as early as Wednesday, December 22. The snowy conditions will be accompanied by a round of cold weather, with temperatures growing chillier as the week progresses.

By the time Christmas rolls around, chances of snow will be over 20 percent for most of the UK, with the tip of Scotland threatened with up to 70 percent of snow probability.

The UK has been experiencing rather mild conditions for the season following the havoc of Storm Arwen and Storm Barra earlier in December.

But both the Met Office and BBC Weather meteorologists forecast thermometers slowly dropping throughout the coming week.

The Met Office’s forecast from December 20 read: “In general, cloud amounts will tend to reduce with time, with a corresponding increase in the risk of overnight fog and frost, which may be slow to clear by day in some areas.

“Towards the middle of the period, there is an increasing chance of more unsettled and windier weather affecting the UK, with rain, and perhaps snow, possible for some places.

“Temperatures will generally be near to below normal, perhaps rather cold in the south, feeling chilly where any fog persists, and locally mild in the north and northwest.”

Exacta Weather forecaster James Madden said: “Snow could arrive as early as Christmas Eve in parts of the south.

“Further snow is likely during the latter part of Christmas Day and on Boxing Day.

UK weather: Met Office forecasts low temperatures

“Weather models have altered to include high-pressure changes, and this could bring widespread snow during the latter part of the month.

“This will be one to monitor over the next couple of days.”

Mr Madden suggested a Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) could boost the Arctic temperatures as it did in 2018, resulting in the Beast from the East.

He continued: “A Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) will contribute to bringing a very cold easterly and the ever-increasing risk for widespread snow during the final third of December.

“Temperatures could also dip as low as -10C in the coldest and iciest areas over the festive period.”

BBC Weather has however remained more cautious about the chances of a big snow event, suggesting low pressure will lead to drier conditions.

The forecast read: “Over the Christmas week, the high is favoured across northwest Europe to southeast Europe with the low-pressure systems now further north of the United Kingdom.

“This would lead to a calmer and somewhat drier pattern, especially across western parts and Scotland.

“Generally near seasonal temperatures are anticipated over this week, but maybe slightly below average over Wales, Scotland, and western England.”

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