Thursday, 8 Jun 2023

Soldiers find elderly people dead and abandoned in care homes after staff flee

Soldiers sent to disinfect coronavirus nursing homes found abandoned OAPs starving or dead in their beds, it was confirmed today.

Troops from Spain’s National Guard found the frail patients decaying in their beds after care staff fled in a panic.

Spanish Defence Minister Margarita Robles said: “The army, during some visits, has seen elderly people absolutely abandoned, if not dead in their beds.

"We are going to be implacable and forceful when it comes to ensuring our pensioners receive the proper treatment in these residences."

It comes as Spain’s Covid-19 death toll skyrocketed to 6,528 – a rise of 838 overnight.

Last night it emerged there is no Intensive Care capacity in six of Spain’s 17 autonomous regions.

Over 80,000 have tested positive for the bug.

Earlier this week, the Spanish Government announced that it will unleash robots capable of testing 80,000 patients a day.

A Health Institute spokesman said: “A plan to automate tests through robots has been already designed, and Spain has committed to buying four robots that will allow us to execute 80,000 tests per day."

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Madrid has been the worst-hit area in Spain, with 60% of the nation's deaths.

But many are still not following the lockdown guidelines.

Cops were forced to storm an orgy in the capital this weekend after six people breached the coronavirus lockdown.

Local media said neighbours in the building alerted the police after hearing loud noise, music and people coming in and out of the property.

Police went into the property and discovered four women and two men naked in a corridor with three bedrooms.

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