Sunday, 28 Nov 2021

Stray dog’s utter fascination with open book outside library melts internet

A stray dog "froze" and refused to let his eyes off the books when a schoolgirl left one outside a library.

The yellow pooch has melted hearts online after a video went viral showing him looking down at a book without moving an inch by the steps outside a college library.

The video was filmed in Enshi College in the Hubei province of central China on Thursday, October 28.

It shows students taking a break and sitting on the steps to have their lunch.

The curious dog, who is sitting not far from the group of students, somehow gets attention drawn towards an open book on the floor.

He sits still between two textbooks and looks straight into one of them as if he is studying.

A girl approaches the mongrel and tries to move the book closer to him – and he can't keep his eyes away.

The dog has now become an icon to motivate students to study hard for the upcoming exams.

Online viewers joked that a student might have "reincarnated" as the stray dog and wouldn't leave the library.

One said: "I learned a valuable lesson from a dog today – study, study and study."

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"I just realised the dog is 'studying harder' than I am, what a shame," a second wrote while a third said the canine had turned on "study mode".

"He must be a hardworking student in his past life," a fourth added.

Meanwhile a stray dog in Turkey brought happy smiles to commuters as he travelled up to 18 miles a day on train.

Boji has become a star among the locals, who even set up a Twitter account for him so they could follow his everyday journey.

A vet also microchipped him so they could monitor if he was hungry or thirsty.

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