Monday, 2 Oct 2023

‘Super wolf’ the size of a lion killed after giant beasts plague quiet village

A gigantic super wolf the size of a lion was killed after it unleashed a terrifying rampage on a quiet Russian village.

According to reports the terrifying beast terrorised locals in the Alexandrovka before it was shot.

A chilling image shows a Russian man dwarfed by the beast as he carries it over his shoulder.

Other images show a smiling gunman crouching down next to the wolf.

It was killed in the Blagoveshchensky District in southwestern Russia’s Republic of Bashkortostan after it was spotted close to the local cemetery.

Reports state a local resident, who has not been named but is originally from the village of Alexandrovka in the district, decided to shoot the wolf as it was moving closer to homes and could pose a danger for the locals.

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Local media report the man seen carrying the wolf’s dead body on his back in the photo is the man who shot the animal.

The gunman said the wolf was particularly dangerous for both humans and domestic animals because of its large size.

According to the reports, more wolves are being seen in the Blagoveshchensky District in the last couple of months, with the animals moving closer to houses and gardens.

Local residents are reportedly scared to let their children play outside or even walk in the streets alone, according to reports.

A pack of wolves recently killed three dogs in the area before locals could intervene, while in Baleysky District a pack of wolves killed over twenty animals including sheep, cows and horses.

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