Tuesday, 3 Oct 2023

Surveillance video shows final day of West Kelowna murder victim’s life

Surveillance video, depicting the final hours of the life of a woman who was killed at an Okanagan hotel, was shown in court on Wednesday.

Former Surrey realtor Tejwant Danjou is accused of the second-degree murder of his partner at West Kelowna’s Best Western Hotel in July 2018.

Court watched as the couple checked into the hotel the day before Gauravarapu’s death.

The video shows them going in and out of the hotel several times.

On the day that Gauravarapu is murdered, Danjou can be seen walking down the hallway with his arm around her shoulders.

Surveillance video from the Mission Hill Winery shows them wine tasting for quite some time.

In court, Danjou sat wearing a red prison jumpsuit, leaning forward with his head resting in his hand as he watched the surveillance video on his screen in the prisoner’s box.

Const. Rick Goodwin, who found Danjou in a dumpster a short distance from the hotel, also took the stand.

He testified that Danjou was quiet and relaxed after he had been rushed to hospital, even though he was still handcuffed.

He also said that Danjou had told him that Gauravarapu was having an affair, and he wanted police to look for evidence of the alleged infidelity in a truck parked in Surrey.

Goodwin testified that Danjou had a faint smell of alcohol on his breath but nothing overwhelming.

He said that Danjou was polite and wanted to call him by his first name.

The defence questioned if Danjou appeared to be “off” during Goodwin’s interactions with him, pointing out that the accused had asked the constable’s first name four or five times, even though the officer had told him several times.

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