Thursday, 8 Jun 2023

‘Targeting Edmonton charities’: The Mustard Seed’s catalytic converter stolen from van

Another Edmonton charity has been hit by a thief stealing catalytic converters.

The Mustard Seed’s director of programs, Kris Knutson, posted about the incident on Facebook on Tuesday.

He said that the thief cut out the catalytic converter overnight and it meant the non-profit could not deliver clothing and food to its drop-in centres.

It comes just over a week after the Edmonton Food Bank was also targeted.

“We do not know if this is the work of the same people who stole the one from the Edmonton Food Bank several days ago,” Knutson said in his post.

“It does seem like a person or people are targeting Edmonton charities.”

The food bank said on Feb. 25 that this was the organization’s third truck in less than six months that had its converter stolen.

Edmonton police said nearly 900 catalytic converters have been stolen in the city since October 2019.

Thieves often target vehicles in commercial and apartment parking lots, police said.

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