Monday, 15 Aug 2022

Taxi driver horrified as man brings ‘bloodstained suitcase holding woman’s body’

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A man has been arrested after he hailed a taxi while allegedly carrying a “bloodstained” suitcase later found to contain the body of a woman.

Former karaoke bar manager Xie Lei, 33, was detained by police in the Chinese province Jiangxi after a manhunt last week.

Xie hailed a taxi in Taihe County early on Tuesday, September 7, and the driver, who helped him lift his suitcase into the boot, subsequently reported him to the police, the South China Morning Post reports.

The driver said the bag was heavy, smelled foul and was covered in bloodstains, according to a police statement.

As the driver called the police, Xie allegedly fled the scene, leaving the suitcase in the taxi.

The victim inside the suitcase was identified as a 19-year-old woman who worked with Xie at the karaoke bar he managed until quitting in August.

Police issued a 30,000 yuan [£3,364] reward later that day, appealing to the public for information leading to his capture.

Xie is understood to have ridden a bicycle to nearby Jian county, where police apprehended him at an apartment on Wednesday, September 8.

Prior to his arrest, Xie allegedly abandoned his clothes and stole a red T-shirt and four apples, which residents had left outside as spiritual offerings.

The victim’s father said she was the eldest child of the family and had been in contact with the family in the days before she was killed.

The police investigation is ongoing.

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