Friday, 15 Oct 2021

Teen ‘bullied so much she now has 13 fits a day’ in life-threatening condition

A teenager has developed a life-threatening condition though to have been triggered by bullying, causing her to have 13 fits a day.

Kayleigh O'Connor suffers from seizures which are believed to have been caused by stress.

The 18-year-old now has a rare condition which puts her at risk of sudden death.

Kayleigh has a rare problem called non-epileptic attack disorder, or NEAD – her fits have caused her a catalogue of injuries.

The teenager, from West Bromwich, also suffers from Todd's Paralysis – which can lead to stroke-like symptoms, robbing the teenager of the use of her left side and affecting her speech for up to three days.

NEAD cannot be treated by medication, only therapy. And her family believes it was triggered by bullying, which forced her to change schools.

Kayleigh can have up to nine fits in a row and can stop breathing during extreme episodes, reports Birmingham Live.

She had two seizures on Monday evening, February 22, and an ambulance was called after she stopped breathing.

Her mum Debbie was instructed to carry out CPR while waiting for paramedics to arrive before the teenager began to breathe.

The seizures started two years ago and were linked to bullying Kayleigh suffered at school.

She is now at college studying for an apprenticeship in chilldcare. But her seizures are badly disrupting her education.

Debbie said: "NEAD is linked to stress and Kayleigh suffered bullying at school which brought these seizures on. She had to move schools in the end. The seizures have become worse in lockdown over the last year.

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"They are incredibly debilitating for her and greatly impact her life. She once had 13 fits in one 24-hour period and can have nine in a row.

"It is very traumatic for her and for myself and the rest of her family. She can hurt herself while she is fitting, regularly biting her lip or cutting and bruising her arms and legs. But she also stops breathing, which is terrifying.

"We are not allowed to touch her when she is fitting, we just have to let her have one. Then we can place her on her side to recover.

"But with this condition there are not many available resources for help. People like Kayleigh need more support. She is a teenager and her life is controlled by this condition."

Kayleigh lives at home with mum Debbie, dad Jason and 11-year-old sister Loralei. She also has two older brothers Dean and Alex.

Debbie has set up a GoFundMePage to help raise money to pay for a bed seizure monitor, anti-suffocation pillows, a watch seizure monitor and various aids.

To donate to Kayleigh's campaign click here

Kayleigh has also posted on GoFundMe revealing the impact the condition has on her life.

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