Thursday, 27 Jan 2022

Teen fears she was ‘needle spiked’ and pushed home in trolley after night out

A teen who claims she was spiked with a needle while on a night out said she had to be “pushed home in a trolley” after the horror night out.

Molly Hargreaves, 19, was out celebrating Halloween with friends and had been to several pubs during the crawl.

She suddenly began to feel unwell and “dazed out”, leaving her unable to walk the 20 minute journey home in Oxon.

She later recalls seeing a bruise and a puncture mark on her arm.

She reported it Thames Valley Police who said it was investigating a report of a “potential needle spiking incident”.

But Molly has since said the investigation has been “so disappointing” and she has been made to feel as if she should “be the person to investigate it”.

She claims police told her they were not going to check the CCTV as the time frame she gave could be inaccurate and it was “too long to look through”.

Molly said: “The police officer who spoke to me said they had spoken with the detective who said to stop the case as there was no point in watching all of the CCTV.

“'They said if there is another new case they will reopen mine.

“I feel like I have to be the person to investigate it and like I have to find the CCTV and the person.

'”It’s so disappointing, it feels like the police will only care when something serious happens after somebody has been injected or spiked.

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“These people could carry on doing it and they’re not getting any consequences.

“I haven’t been able to go out since. I went out once with my boyfriend, but I could only stay out for about 30 minutes.

''I felt like people were way too close and they were going to attack and hurt me. They were probably perfectly normal people but I just didn’t feel safe.”

A Thames Valley Police spokesman confirmed that the incident had been reported to them, and that an investigation was conducted – but that it has now been concluded unless “further information” comes to light.

The Daily Star has contacted TVP for more clarification off the back of the comments from Ms Hargreaves.

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