Sunday, 28 Nov 2021

Terrified mum shoots boyfriend after he throws ‘demon’ 5-year-old off balcony

A panic-stricken mum shot her boyfriend after he threw her five-year-old daughter off an apartment balcony because she was a "demon".

Jarick Willis, 32, was arrested in absence on suspicion of attempted murder and child abuse following the incident in Las Vegas on Sunday.

The twisted 32-year-old tried to warn the mother that her daughter "had bad entities" before he threw the child off a third floor balcony, according to an arrest report.

Officers were called to the apartment complex after they received a frightening report that a small child was thrown from a high balcony which was followed by the sound of a gunshot, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police told local news channel KSNV.

Officers rushed to the scene to find the poor child suffering from a collapsed lung, a lacerated liver and a fractured forearm, pelvis, leg, and rib.

The frantic mother, who had been dating Willis since March, told investigators that Willis believed her daughter was "full of bad spirits" and thought she was an actual demon.

In response, the mother told him not to speak about her daughter like that which led to an unashamed apology.

It was reported that at a later time, the pair were at her apartment with her two children and while she was in her bedroom she heard her son scream.

She told detectives that she believed her boyfriend had just killed her daughter and that she feared for her life, according to KSNV.

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It is believed that the worried mum got a gun from her purse and confronted her partner before they got into a fight. She told police that he lunged at her so she fired her gun.

In a bid to escape Willis jumped off the balcony but was found by police suffering from a gunshot wound. He was later arrested in hospital.

The last reported medical check confirmed that the five-year-old girl was in stable condition but remained in intensive care.

Willis will attend court once he has recovered from the gunshot wounds to his hand and chest.

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