Friday, 12 Aug 2022

Terrified Vladimir Putin won’t nuke UK – despite threats to obliterate us

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Vladimir Putin is possibly the most volatile man on the planet, but luckily even he seems averse to using nuclear weaponry – at least for the moment.

Due to the British government arming Ukraine with high-tech weaponry, talk of Putin bombing the UK with nuclear weapons has been ramped up on Russian state TV.

But comments made by the despotic madman back in 2018 suggest that even he knows nuclear war isn't in the best interests of Russia or the world.

The Express reports that when asked about nuclear warfare at a conference, Vlad rowed back on the idea of ever using one of his bombs from his massive arsenal but said that it was a real danger.

He said: "The danger of the situation is being downplayed. It now seems to be impossible, something without crucial importance, but at the same time if something like this would happen this would lead to the collapse of the entire civilization and maybe our planet.

“Unfortunately, we have this trend to underestimate the current situation. There are dangers, there are risks in our day-to-day lives.

“What are those risks? First and foremost, the collapse of the international system of arms control, of moving away from an arms race.”

It's definitely good news Putin doesn't want to use Russia's nuclear weapons, as they possess a lot more than the UK.

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According to The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists estimates Russia is believed to own approximately 4,447 warheads – the devices that trigger a nuclear explosion – of which 1,588 are deployed on ballistic missiles and heavy bomber bases.

A further 977 strategic warheads and 1,912 nonstrategic warheads are kept in reserve by the Kremlin.

This means Russia has the largest supply of nuclear weapons in the world.

Though the UK possesses the fifth-greatest stockpile in the world, it’s significantly less than what Russia possesses.

According to the Federation of American Scientists, Britain holds 225 nuclear weapons.

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