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Thug threatens to ‘knock out’ women in Wetherspoons before calling them ‘fat’

A man said he would "knock out" two young women enjoying drinks in a popular Wetherspoon pub before branding them "fat" and "rotten" in a sickening video.

In a vile clip shared on social media, a man wearing a red hoodie threatens a pair of 21-year-old women who had been enjoying drinks at the pub in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin.

The lad, who had allegedly been harassing the women along with his mates, outright says: "I will knock you out".

He says he does not care when reminded his violent threats are being recorded and tells the women "put it on Instagram Live".

The woman who recorded the clip, Megan Carpenter, told Dublin Live she was accosted by a group of young males when she walked into the bar on Saturday night (October 9).

She said: "When we walked in they were downstairs, a group of them.

"They were whistling when we walked in, me and my friend.

"We just ignored them because we didn't know them.

"One of them came up and was just walking up and down, laughing as he was doing it…"

Megan went to the bathroom and when she came back she says the group of men were waiting at their table.

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The woman said she and her pal just wanted a chill night and wished them well – at which point they became increasingly agitated.

Megan said: "It was only when he started saying 'I'm going to throw you over the balcony' to my friend that I was like, this actually might get violent, we might actually be in a bit of danger here.'

"I took out my phone to record him because if he did get violent, I'd want to have it.

"He was saying 'I've hit 19 women, you guys are going to be the 20th and 21st.'

"I just stayed silent and recorded him."

Megan runs a charity dedicated to mental health support for women and women's rights and domestic abuse.

She said: "A lot of people had similar experiences, I think that's why it's really upsetting.

"I had a similar situation two years ago with a lad and he got my phone and dumped it in his drink."

A Wetherspoons spokesperson told Dublin Live: "We absolutely condemn the behaviour of the men involved in this incident.

"People should be able to enjoy a safe visit to our pubs at all times.

"Fortunately, situations like this are very rare however we understand the distress caused to the two women involved.

"If the police are involved we will assist them in any way possible."

The Daily Star has approached gardaí for comment.

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