Friday, 12 Aug 2022

TikTok sees bride smack ball into new hubby’s groin at wedding day rounders game

A bride was recorded celebrating after whacking a ball straight into her husband's groin during a game of rounders.

Sarah Chesterfield took a swing of the bat and sent the ball crashing painfully into new hubby, Matt Chesterfield's manhood.

But she didn't bat an eyelid at her error and instead was recorded running around the field to complete the rounder as crowds of family and friends belly laughed.

The unexpected incident happened at Carlyon Bay Hotel, in Saint Austell, Cornwall, on September 25.

Cornish videographer Grant Alexander filmed the event and the bride's sister, Hailey MacDonald, shared the video on TikTok, Cornwall Live reports.

Hailey said: "My sister was adamant that we were all going to play rounders, so that's what we did. The video shows the first throw from the groom.''

She said her brother-in-law didn't go into too much detail about his temporary injury, but he was gutted that his wife completed the rounder.

She said her sister told her when she realised the bat was going to hit the ball she made sure to hit it extra hard but had no idea it would strike her husband where it did.

After taking the video, Hailey said she initially shared it on Facebook where it received a "few views", however, last week she shared it on her TikTok account and it went viral.

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She said she managed to catch the perfect moment on film and there were 120 family and friends there to see it live.

The amusing footage has been viewed over 450,000 times.

The news comes after a bloke caused quite a situation at his own wedding after a stunt totally backfired with his new family.

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The man's brother-in-law shared the story on Reddit, saying they all had to put up with his antics for years, but now it's enough.

On his wedding day, the groom singled out the brother-in-law's girlfriend in a cruel prank.

He decided to pour milk on her new dress which cost around £250.

Now the girlfriend's man has demanded the groom to pay to replace the dress and the family have had enough of his behaviour.

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