Thursday, 20 Jan 2022

‘Tropical’ blast to send temperatures rocketing with Brits ditching coats

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Britons will be ditching their winter coats as a week-long surprise ‘tropical’ blast sends temperatures rocketing.

Mild air from the Atlantic Azores Islands will push the mercury into double figures this weekend.

Highs of 14C across southern Britain will make it feel more like mid-spring than the start of winter.

Temperatures in parts of the UK over the coming days will match those in the south of France.

Jim Dale, meteorologist for British Weather Services, said after weeks of storms Britain things are about to turn balmy and early fears of Storm Corrie blasting the nation are fading fast.

He said: “We are about to get a sub-tropical airflow starting on Saturday, and we could see temperatures in the south reaching 14C.

“This is air coming in from Spain and the Azores Islands, and while a cold front will come in after the weekend, the generally mild weather will hold out for about a week.

“It will also be very calm and settled with no storms on the radar, so a big change from what we have seen so far.”

The cheery forecast comes as swathes of the county clean up the mess left by Storm Barra’s assault.

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The storm earlier this week unleashed hurricane-force winds, torrential rain, snow and left thousands without power.

Saturday will start off chilly before turning milder as air sweeps in from the Atlantic, according to the Met Office.

Southern Britain will enjoy the highest temperatures while it will stay cooler to the northeast.

Low pressure to the southwest of the UK will bring air in from the Azores Islands, off the coast of Portugal.

Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said: “Rain will come in on Saturday and it will be cold before mild air moves in from the west with a slice of Atlantic air pushing through.

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“By the end of Sunday afternoon an area of low pressure moves north, and it will be mild in the south, although it stays colder in the northeast.

“It will stay quite mild into the middle of next week.”

Parts of the country will continue to see outbreaks of rain through the weekend and into next week, he added.

Temperatures in Nice, southern France, are expected to hover between 9C and 14C through the next few days.

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