Monday, 5 Jun 2023

U of R social justice group tackling ‘period poverty’ among students

A group of students at the University of Regina is trying to end the stigma surrounding menstrual products — and is offering free period kits to anyone in need.

The U of R Champions of Change Club, a new social justice group, launched its “period project” last month and has set up stations around campus giving students access to things like pads and tampons.

“As menstruators, we find it a responsibility to break the stigma because honestly, I’m tired of whispering it to one another, ‘Hey do you have a pad or a tampon?’” said Raiha Shareef, an executive member of the club. “This is such a natural biological process and we need to start treating it like that.”

Shareef says it is also an issue of gender inequality.

“Something that we noticed while analyzing gender inequality in our community is that there is a lack of period products available to women,” Shareef said.

“This results in a major issue known as ‘period poverty.’”

Period station locations include the Ad Hum Registrar’s Office, the Office of Indigenization, Luther Financial and the KHS Facilities Services Office.

The group also offers to meet women in a more private setting, if anyone is uncomfortable picking up from a station.

“We’ve started an anonymity program so people can request products anonymously and come pick them up just in case there’s anything that keeps them from going publicly to go up and grab products,” said Taylor Eltom, a Champions of Change executive member.

Period kits are being offered until March 20.

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