Monday, 25 Oct 2021

UK hot weather forecast: Britain to sizzle in 24C heat as African hot air sweeps in

Highs of 24C are expected across the UK this week, while the country remains on lockdown amid coronavirus pandemic. Although scorching temperatures are set to arrive, it is vital that the public sticks to the government guidelines.

Despite the hot weather, people should not leave their homes to sunbathe in parks or at the beach.

The government advises Britons to bask in the warmer climates by making use of their gardens or balconies during the coronavirus lockdown.

It comes as last weekend many Britons ignored the lockdown measures to gather in public spaces.

Photographs taken in London showed the public not adhering to social distancing, by enjoying drinks outdoors, sunbathing and even playing football.

Hot air will be coming in from the west coast of Africa blowing northward as the temperatures shoot up to 24C this week.

This will make the UK reach hotter temperatures than Australia and the Mediterranean.

Met Office forecaster Steven Keates told the Sun Online: “There’s a chance we will see higher temperatures of 23C or 24C on Wednesday and Thursday in central south-eastern England.

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“Tuesday is likely to be milder at 18C or 19C.”

Although Easter weekend is expected to be warm, there will still be some unsettled weather.

The southern part of England will see the most sunshine and dry weather.

However, the rest of the country will have showery and cooler patches.

On Wednesday it will be cloudy and wet across Northern Ireland, however elsewhere will remain dry and warm.

Thursday looks to be pleasant with warm sunny spells but will be cooler in the northern part of the country.

Friday will begin to get cooler across the country, with rain and showers.

It is important for hay fever sufferers to take into account pollen levels, as there will be high tree pollen over the next few days.

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