Thursday, 20 Jan 2022

UK snow warning: Christmas Eve morning threatened with huge 8in wall of snow

Christmas Eve weather: Mist and fog forecast for UK

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Meteorologists have warned Britons to expect up to eight inches of snow in the highest elevations, with other areas to be hit with patchy freezing rain. The snow warning is in place for portions of Scotland, mainly the interior and higher elevations, and the Met Office has warned commuters to prepare a winter kit for vehicles.

The UK’s national weather service also warned travel may be disrupted, especially for longer journeys, which people could be making ahead of the festive holiday on Saturday.

However, the yellow snow warning does not cover Christmas day itself.

Snowfall is expected to continue overnight, then wane to scattered snow showers Friday morning before coming to a halt.

Senior AccuWeather Forecaster John Gresiak told some areas should even expect a white Christmas.

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He said: “The greatest snow amounts are expected to occur in the highest elevations and may be in the vicinity of four to eight inches (10-20 cm).

“This would make travel in these areas difficult for a time.

“The weather is expected to be largely dry across the Scottish Highlands from late tomorrow through Christmas Day but areas that are receiving snow have a very good chance to have a white Christmas as there will be little in the way of melting before that.”

However, the meteorologist crushed any hopes for a white Christmas in the London area and southern UK.

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Mr Gresiak revealed the air is expected to remain too mild for snow to fall over the next couple of days further down south.

A few rain showers are expected, mainly from Friday afternoon into the night and again from Christmas Eve night into Christmas morning.

The Met Office’s forecast for the UK between December 27 and January 5 states: “This period remains somewhat uncertain in detail, but generally sees a split between colder air to the north and milder air to the south.

“Looking to remain unsettled with further spells of rain for most at first.

“To the south, mild, unsettled weather, with rain and occasional strong winds.

“To the north, more settled conditions with brighter spells and winds slowly easing to lead to perhaps some frost or ice.

“Becoming milder across northern areas in time.

“Along the boundary, potential for significant weather with snow likely at times, in addition to the associated wintry hazards.

“Becoming colder than average heading into January with any unsettled, milder spells most likely for the west and south.”

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