Saturday, 1 Oct 2022

UK summer is ‘scary’ said Met Office boss as we must brace for 36C heatwave

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The UK is set to be hit by a second consecutive summer heatwave with a temperature of 36C expected on Saturday (August 13).

According to Met Office boss Paul Davies, who is also the UK's chief meteorologist, the extreme weather the UK has been experiencing could become more common in the future.

Mr Davies said the 35C heatwave could potentially occur once every five years and annually by the end of the century while the 40C scorching weather that hit the UK last month could reach the UK every three years in 77 years.

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When talking about the extreme levels of weather the UK has experienced of late, Davies said: “I knew it was possible but to see it unfold in reality is quite scary.

“When I started out as a ­forecaster, if someone had said in your lifetime you’ll see 40 degrees, I’d have said; ‘No, surely not!’.

“We are in uncharted waters. We’re entering areas we’ve never experienced before and it’s not just the UK, it’s the planet as a whole.”

The sweltering heat isn't the only thing the public are fighting against amid the heatwave as more fires are being set due to the dry temperatures with firefighters battling blazes across the country due to 2022 being the driest year since 1935 for the entirety of England.

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Not only has the UK Health and ­Security Agency issued a level three heat-health alert, the AA warned tyres could blow out on the motorways and for those who continue to deny climate change, Mr Davies had an answer for the doubters.

“Look at the evidence. All the scientists of this planet – all agreeing – that it is happening. You’re seeing the evidence. That was a wake-up call for people – experiencing those temperatures.”

Mr Davies, who has been a meteorologist for more than 30 years, spoke of his shock on how quick climate control has taken hold in the UK.

“I knew theoretically it was possible but it was the speed of which it happened. It was kind of ‘crikey, this is real. This is the real artefact of climate control'."

  • Brits think 26 degrees C is 'too hot' for chores like gardening or cooking

He added: “My colleagues in Spain, Portugal and France had given me the heads up because the heat was building and they said, ‘Look, Paul, this is a different type of beast we are dealing with. This is fierce. Those temperatures have an impact'.”

After the Met Office linked the increasing heat warnings to climate change, they received online abuse which Mr Davies said: “There’s always a minority voice and it can hurt but as we do what’s right and present the facts that’s critical, there’s not much else we can do.

“But the reality is we’ve never seen these temperatures before in the UK and we still don’t know what the impact is going to be.”


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