Sunday, 28 Nov 2021

UK weather forecast: Halloween washout as torrential rain to batter Britain all weekend

BBC Weather: UK forecast continued rain and cooler conditions

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Two yellow weather warnings for heavy rain are in effect from Friday to Monday morning, with the Met Office warning much of Britain could see localised flooding and a wash out on Sunday. There are currently 65 flood warnings and alerts in England and a further 21 in Scotland after the week’s rainfall.

The BBC’s forecast for Friday to Sunday said: “We should start to see a slow change in the weather for the UK. 

“Heavy rain for Scotland and northern England will begin to shift into western areas. 

“Temperatures will remain above average with mostly cloudy skies everywhere. 

“That should all change this weekend as low pressure systems bring stronger winds, heavy bouts of rain, and some cooler air to moderate the temperature.”

Maps from WXCharts hold a southwestern front of rain will begin to push across the west coast of Britain from 9pm on Friday,

Overnight, up to 5mm of rain an hour will lash Cornwall, the coast of Wales and southwestern Scotland and some eastern parts of Northern Ireland.

By Saturday morning, the heaviest rains will stay over the north east of England and Glasgow, with 5mm of rain an hour, as well as the south east of England, with London soaking in up to 3mm of rain an hour.

By midday, much of the rain will clear in the UK, before another Atlantic wet front pushes across Ireland overnight.

Sunday morning sees 5mm of rain strike the entire east coast of England and Wales, as well as a lighter 2mm over Glasgow.

This front of rainfall will push eastwards across Britain throughout Sunday, soaking all of England and Wales before moving to the continent by 6pm.

Northern Ireland however sees a spiral of rainfall, up to 1mm an hour, linger throughout Sunday.

The Met Office has issued two yellow warning for rain over the weekend.

Saturday sees the southwest of England and Wales covered, as well Glasgow and the southwest coast of Scotland.

Scotland’s warning is in effect from midnight Saturday to midday, while England and Wales’ comes into effect from 9pm on Friday to 9am on Saturday.

The warnings then shift, with the Scottish yellow alert moving south to cover from Dumfries to Bangor, with much of the northeast coast of England affected from 3am on Sunday to 6am on Monday.

The southwestern warning also moves eastwards away from most of Wales, with the entire south of England and Cardiff set to soak between midnight on Sunday October 31 to 3pm.

AccuWeather senior meteorologist Tyler Roys warned the UK could be drowned in five inches of rain this weekend.

He told “Generally, 0.75inches (38 mm) to 3inches (75mm) of rain will occur Saturday and Sunday across the UK with highest amounts in southern England, Midlands and Wales with the AccuWeather Local StormMax of 5inches (125mm).”

Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern also warned another weather system will quickly approach the UK on Saturday, pushed though by an Atlantic jetstream.

He said: “It’s not long before another system turns up, carried along by the jetstream.

“You can see two streams with this jet stream, one of them engaging some warm air towards the Iberian peninsula and developing some wet weather systems there and another pushing systems through to the UK.

“There is a chance this initial front moving in for Friday night there’s a chance some of this activity to the south, some of this warm air and the jet stream, could develop it further.”

Nick Finnis, from, said a change in pressure from the Atlantic on Sunday will bring a wet start to the week ahead.

He said: “Sunday sees the next low pressure system roll in off the Atlantic across Ireland during the day, spreading a band of heavy and strong winds east and northeast across the UK, followed by sunshine and showers. 

“The rain lingering across central and eastern Scotland as the low moves east across northern UK. Cool, with temperatures reaching 10-13C.

“Showery for much of next week, turning colder too – as winds turn northwesterly then northerly. Sunny spells between the showers. 

“A ridge of high pressure may build in from the west later in the week, with showers and the northerly wind easing, with most areas becoming drier and sunnier.”

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