Sunday, 28 Nov 2021

UK weather warning: Brutal Icelandic storm to unleash torrential downpour on Britain- maps

BBC Weather: Europe set for slow moving rain across the continent

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The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for heavy rains in the northwest of England and parts of Scotland, as well as the coast of Wales, throughout Wednesday and Thursday. Meteorologists have pointed to pressure systems from Iceland bringing soaking spells over coastal parts of the UK.

Jake Sojda, AccuWeather Meteorologist, told Wednesday will see the northwest of the UK suffer the torrential downpour.

He said: “Strong low pressure south of Iceland will direct a narrow stream of moisture toward the UK Wednesday into Thursday, resulting in heavy rainfall for some parts along the west coast of Scotland, northwest England and Wales.

“On Wednesday and Wednesday night this will primarily focus on northwest England and southwest Scotland, where rainfall amounts of 1-2 inches (25-50 mm) are likely and isolated rainfall amounts of 4 inches (200 mm) are possible.

“This is in the area of Wednesday’s yellow warning.”

Mr Sojda then added the wet weather is set to spread across the south of the UK by the end of the week, although it will be lighter showers.

He added to “Thursday night the stream of moisture will shift south.

“While rain will continue in northwest England, pockets of heavy rain will also occur across Wales and southwest England.

“Rainfall amounts can reach 1-2 inches (25-50 mm) again across these areas Thursday, but these amounts will generally be less widespread than on Wednesday.

“Rain will spread east Thursday night and is expected to arrive in London on Friday, but will but lighter and is not currently expected to bring a threat for flooding that far east.”

Craig Snell, from the Met Office, also told “The weather will turn widely unsettled as we head through this week, with the main bulk of the rain initially across the north west of the UK.

“There are several yellow weather warnings for rain during Wednesday, Thursday and Friday across southern Scotland and northwest England where over the Cumbrian mountains we could see in the region of 140-180mm during Wednesday, with further rain expected on Thursday and Friday.

“The rain will also spread into parts of Wales on Thursday and Friday with a further weather warning in force here during Thursday and Friday.

“The rain will be accompanied by some strong winds with gales possible along some northwest coasts.

“Southern and eastern areas will escape most of the rain initially and it will actually feel very mild for the time of year, but the rain will transfer southwards as we head towards the end of the working week.”

Jim NR Dale, of British Weather Services, told harsher winds will strike the UK by Wednesday.

He said: “Winds highest in far north & northwest, gusting +60 mph but mainly across areas used to such winds.

“All caused by nearby low pressure system and associated waving frontal system – driven by the jet stream.”

Mr Sojda also said: “The strongest winds will be along the west coast all the way from southwest England to southwest Scotland.

“Both Wednesday and Thursday wind gusts along the west coast are expected to range from 75-95 km/h (45-60 mph).

“Inland across Wales and much of England wind gusts won’t be quite as strong, but are still expected to range between 55-75 km/h (35-45 mph).

“While these gusts can occur anytime Wednesday or Thursday, the most likely time period to experience the strongest winds, including in London, will be Thursday afternoon or Thursday night.”

Three yellow weather warnings for rain have been issued by the Met Office, with Carlisle, Dumfries, Swansea and Bangor set to see “persistent and at times heavy rain”.

Carlisle’s wet weather warning is set to begin at 6am on Wednesday, and last through to midday on Thursday.

By Thursday, the Carlisle warning area will expand to Huddersfield and Burnley, and will last until the end of Friday.

The Met Office said “there is a small chance that homes and businesses could be flooded, causing damage to some buildings” in Carlisle.

Dumfries’ warning comes into effect from midnight on Wednesday, and ends at 6am on Thursday.

The west coast of Wales, from Swansea to Bangor, has a yellow warning in effect from midnight on Thursday to the end of Friday.

The Met Office said “flooding of a few homes and businesses is likely” in Wales
In their long-range forecast for the week ahead, the Met Office said: “The weather will remain unsettled across the UK for the rest of October, with heavy rainfall likely to continue in the west.

“In the second half of the period, wettest in the west and northwest, but still with brief dry interludes.”

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