Sunday, 28 Nov 2021

UK weather warning: Major downpour and storms to hit UK tomorrow – terrifying maps

UK weather: Cooler temperatures and spells of rain expected

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Forecasters across the country have warned of a “very unsettled” week through to Friday as a cold front sweeps across the country. The warm late summer weather seen in September is now officially been put to bed after torrential downpours, thunder, hail and flood warnings have been issued ahead of a wet and cold week. A US forecast agency warned this year Britain could be in for a colder than normal winter – spiking concerns amid the ongoing energy crisis and skyrocketing gas prices.

Britons across the country have registered a change in weather today with a cold front sweeping away the warm air which has dominated throughout much of September.

The warm front has been replaced with cold polar maritime air.

The change in air mass marks the start of a rather unsettled and autumnal week for many across the country.

According to the Met Office’s long-range forecast, the “cyclonic pattern will likely last into October, bringing largely unsettled condition across the UK with a very general northwest to southeast split.”

Predictions of a long cold spell have been backed by US forecaster DTN.

Early weather pattern modelling by DTN points to a colder winter for the UK and northern Europe this year.

The charts also reveal signs of a weakening of the polar vortex “which helps send Arctic air on the move”.

Although it is too soon to confirm these predictions, the forecaster said there is “certainly a greater than normal risk of a cold winter for the UK”.

The Met Office forecast for Tuesday advises of a mixture of sunshine and blustery showers to hit.

These will be heavy and most frequent across areas in the north and west.

The downpours will merge and become prolonged heavy rain spells across central and southern areas.

Unsettled weather will continue on Friday through Friday with some hail and thunder anticipated.

A low-pressure system to the north of the UK will dominate during the start of this period, bringing heavy rain and isolated thunderstorms for all.

Further low-pressure systems will bring organised bands of rain, which will be heavy at times, interspersed with cooler and showery periods and some sunny spells.

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Up to 1.2 inches of rain is expected to fall in the Lake District by tomorrow morning, with parts of Wales and the South West of England likely to see up to an inch.

Longer spells of rain are expected to hit London on Tuesday, with temperatures feeling much cooler.

Almost four inches of rain is expected to fall across the country by the end of the working week.

In September, the entire UK average 10 days of rainfall – totalling 2.7 inches.

However, with the anticipated four inches, more than a month’s worth of rain is expected in just a few days.

Ventusky’s precipitation map shows rain will begin moving in from 10am across western areas of Britain on Tuesday.

This will continue throughout the day spreading across the country.

By 7pm the forecaster’s weather map reveals thunderstorms will impact parts of Wales and the South West, with much of England seeing rainfall.

Ventusky’s 10pm map depicts thunderstorms which are forecast to impact parts of Wales, near Liverpool and areas of the South West including Southampton and near London.

The forecaster’s thunderstorm maps also show many areas of the country will see storms in the next 24 hours.

Rains will clear to the east in the early hours of Wednesday allowing parts of eastern England and Scotland to enjoy a clear day.

However, conditions will remain cloudy across Northern Ireland, Wales and western areas of England with a risk of showers.

BBC forecaster Simon King admitted this morning that it was a “pretty grim start to your new week”.

Other forecasters warned of a “very unsettled” outlook over the next few days amid entrenched wet and windy weather.

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