Sunday, 7 Aug 2022

Virgin incel gunman Jake Davison begged girl, 16, for sex before deadly rampage

A web account Jake ­Davison used to beg a 16-year-old girl for sex was shut down 24 hours before his deadly rampage.

The twisted 22-year-old – who killed five including his mum – pestered the US teen on Reddit to “travel to see him” and “have sex with him”.

She called him “creepy” and “paedophilic”, advising him not to “message underage girls”. The girl reported the apprentice crane operator to moderators, who suspended his account on Wednesday – the day before his murder spree in Plymouth.

In a series of online rants, he described himself as an incel – an involuntary celibate – and blamed his mum Maxine for his life as a “f** fat ugly virgin”.

According to a US publication, he hounded the girl for sex after assuring her it was legal with a 16-year-old in Britain.

He wrote: “I do believe I deserve a GF (girlfriend). I’m entitled to one.”

The girl suggested he go out to meet people, but Davison ­replied with an explicit account of what he would like to do to a teenager.

During his lurid chat with the teen, Davison admitted using a prostitute. He wrote: “One time I went to a massage parlour and had a happy ending.”

He claimed he did not go to the brothel for sex and “wasn’t expecting” it.

Made up of lonesome young men who feel they are being oppressed by women due to a perceived lack of sexual interest, the incel cult which Davison belonged too has inspired a number of fatal mass shootings and massacres in the past.

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The evil killer's heinous crimes have left locals in Plymouth too "scared" to leave their houses and "in a state of shock" after the massacre, the leader of the city's council has said.

Police have been criticised for returning Davison's shotgun and gun licence to him after an allegation of assault in December 2020.

Devon and Cornwall Police will be investigated by the Independent Office for Police Conduct to ask how the frenzied madman had access to such a dangerous weapon.

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