Wednesday, 6 Jul 2022

Vladimir Putin ‘has had cancer’ confirms director who spent two years with him

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A director who spent two years with Vladimir Putin claims the Russian President has suffered from cancer.

American filmmaker and Oscar-winner Oliver Stone was previously granted unprecedented access to Putin over a two-year period.

As a result, he can give a better insight into the Kremlin leader than most. During a podcast, Stone claimed that Putin has previously been diagnosed with and overcame cancer.

A fact, which if true, has not been admitted to the people of Russia.

It comes after claims Putin is currently seriously ill with cancer, according to a leaked recording from a Kremlin-linked oligarch.

In March, the Kremlin was forced to insist publicly that Putin’s mental state was “normal” amid persistent rumours that he could be seriously ill or even dying.

Stone interviewed Putin between 2015 and 2017 and has not met with him for three years. But in an interview with podcaster Lex Fridman he said: “Remember this, Mr Putin has had this cancer and I think he’s licked it.

“But he’s also been isolated because of Covid.”

It has been rumoured that Putin’s deep isolation from Covid was due to a pre-existing but unspecified medical condition which made him especially vulnerable.

Explaining why the Russian President may have misjudged the invasion of Ukraine, Stone speculated: "Perhaps he lost touch – contact – with people.

“You would think he was not well informed perhaps, about the degree of cooperation he would get from the [ethnic Russians] in Ukraine.

“That would be one factor, that he didn’t assess the situation correctly.”

Stone’s claims prompt speculation that, if Putin has had the disease previously, it may have returned.

The filmmaker did not specify the type of cancer the Russian President had.

Lately there has been speculation that Putin has thyroid cancer.

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An investigation by Russian independent journalists found that Putin was permanently surrounded by a large medical team led by a specialist thyroid cancer surgeon.

Other versions are that he is suffering from abdominal cancer or blood cancer.

There have been claims, too, that Putin has Parkinson's disease.

The Kremlin has always insisted Putin is in robust health.

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