Tuesday, 21 Sep 2021

’We shouldn’t work with US until Biden is gone’ Veteran slams President for Afghan chaos

Ex-Veteran Trevor Coult says Biden is 'mentally unstable'

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Speaking to Express.co.uk Trevor Coult MC, who was awarded the Military Cross for his bravery in Afghanistan during an ambush by the Taliban, called on the UK to cut all diplomatic and foreign policy relations with America until Joe Biden is out of the White House. He suggested that Mr Biden is “mentally unstable” and his decision-making does not make sense. His sobering words come as the US withdrawal from Afghanistan has now become deadly following a suicide bomb attack at Kabul airport on Thursday which left over 170 Afghan citizens and 13 US Marines dead in the worst loss of life in years.

Mr Coult said: “I don’t think we should ever work with America ever again as an ally until the Biden administration has been removed.”

The Royal Irish Regiment veteran branded President Biden “a liability” and in a brutal takedown accused him of being “mentally unstable”.

The veteran went on to say how President Biden’s decisions simply “do not make sense” and the chaos that has unfolded in Afghanistan as the Taliban have taken control could have been prevented had someone better equipped and more able to fulfill the role effectively had been in charge.

Mr Coult also highlighted how President Biden had already received a letter of no confidence from over 100 senior US military figures who declared he was not fit to be President and that they were concerned about his decision-making ability.

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The scathing letter raised fresh concerns over the President’s wellbeing, ability to make decisions and carry out the necessary tasks required as leader of the Free World.

He said: “It’s only in May this year that 124 American generals wrote to the White House saying they were not happy with him [Joe Biden] in that position, and that was May.!

“Clearly they knew something more than we do.

“He is going down the road where he is pushing himself into a corner.”

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The veteran went on to explain how his numerous conversations with US armed forces veterans reveal how “utterly shocked” the community is with President Biden and his actions as US President as Afghanistan descends into chaos under the Taliban and was rocked by a massive suicide bomb attack on Thursday.

And in an extraordinary claim, Mr Coult said how the situation is so dire amongst the US armed forces community that a group of US special forces veterans has reportedly offered to piece together a task force to assist in the evacuation efforts in Afghanistan given the failure of President Biden’s attempt. 

He said: “Ex-Special Forces veterans are willing to go to Afghanistan to help extract their own citizens because President Biden won’t let the US military do it themselves! And that is why our troops are under pressure.

“Not only are we disgusted but the Americans and the America military and the American citizens are also as annoyed as we are.”

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Mr Coult was awarded a Military Cross for his actions during a complex ambush involving a suicide bomber and a machine gun position in Baghdad.

During his 20-year service, Mr Coult completed 10 Operational deployments in Northern Ireland, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

The veteran has been involved in 178 engagements with enemy forces and astonishingly survived 3 IED explosions.

Trevor was a Patron of the Military Charity “Veterans in Action” from 2009 until 2019 and now works with charity PTSD Resolution to assist veterans suffering from the devastating effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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