Tuesday, 15 Jun 2021

Wheat Ridge to test emergency sirens Wednesday

There’s not a tornado, and the sky is not falling. If you’re in Wheat Ridge, the loud blaring you hear between 11 a.m. and noon is a test.

Wheat Ridge Police also recommend signing up for CodeRed alerts to your phone in case of a serious situation.

The sirens would most commonly be used for tornadoes which Colorado gets about 50 a year. The peak of the twister season is between May and June.

There has not been a large tornado in Denver in more than 30 years. Jefferson County gets even fewer tornados but has been close recently. An EF-3 in 2015 smacked the Berthoud-Longmont area, and another EF-3 tornado hit nearby Windsor in 2008. Weld County, the site for both of those events, is Colorado’s most active tornado area. Weld County was home to the EF-1 tornado on Monday that was on the ground for more than a half-hour.

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