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Will it snow in your area? Weather maps show exact areas to be hit by snow

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns Brits 'it's going to be cold'

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Temperatures could plummet dramatically towards the end of the month, covering parts of the UK with snow. The latest forecast suggests snow won’t be limited to high ground and northern areas, as parts of the south could see snow too. Here’s the latest forecast according to WXChart’s weather maps.

An unusual heatwave saw temperatures soar to record highs at the start of 2022.

The warmest New Year’s Day on record was achieved this year, as temperatures rose to 16.3C in St James’s Park, London.

This far surpassed the previous record of 15.6C set in 1919 in Bude, Cornwall.

But temperatures have returned to their usual winter levels this week.

There are currently two Met Office weather warnings in place for fog this week.

The first starts from 7pm on January 17 and it covers most of the south, the midlands and it stretches as far north as York.

The second weather warning for January 18 covers the same area and will be in place until 12 noon.

The Met Office forecasts a “rather cold theme” for the UK from tomorrow, with variable conditions of foggy patches, spells of rain and some wintery showers lasting until January 21.

This relatively mild forecast contrasts with WXChart’s frosty predictions for the end of this month.

According to weather maps by WXCharts, several parts of the UK could be battered by snow towards the endow January.

On January 20, WXCharts forecast snow will fall across parts of northern Scotland, however, the snow will be light, only reaching depths of 0.2cm across high ground.

The UK won’t receive any further snow flurries until January 27, according to WXCharts’ meteorologists.

On January 27, parts of northern Scotland could see snowfall of up to 2cm.

Going into January 28, snow will be limited to the northwestern tip of Scotland.

Snow will spread to southern parts of England on January 31, as patches of snow have been forecast across parts of England and Scotland.

However, this will be short-lived as WXCharts hasn’t forecast any further snow flurries in February.

The Met Office also hasn’t warned of any snow for the UK this January, but they have said there could be a chance of snow in February.

The long-range forecast for the period between February 1 to February 15 reads: “There is still the increased likelihood of frost and fog, the fog lingering all day in places.

“Later in February, it is likely to turn more changeable in the north, with outbreaks of rain and stronger winds.”

It adds: “Temperatures are expected to be slightly above average overall, particularly in the north.

“Some colder interludes are still likely though, bringing a risk of occasional snow, most likely over northern hills.”

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