Monday, 5 Jun 2023

Winnipeg pharmacies, businesses seeing shortages of hand santizers and face masks

Businesses across Winnipeg are experiencing a shortage of products amid concerns about COVID-19.

Pharmacist Scott Groen with Tache Pharmacy says they have been seeing a shortage of both N95 face masks and hand sanitizer.

“We can’t get hand sanitizer. Two of the manufacturers we use are sold out,” he said.

“N95 masks are hard to come by and sell out almost immediately.”

A number of pharmacies across Winnipeg echoed the same thoughts.

I.D.A. – Meyers Drugs says their pharmacy is cleaned out of hand sanitizers and masks — the two main things people are asking for.

A staff member told Global News people appear to be hoarding these items.

Health Canada is recommending people fill their prescriptions now so they don’t have to go to a busy pharmacy if sick.

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