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Woman, 26, fell in love with nightclub bouncer twice her age who kicked her out

A woman fell in love with the bouncer who kicked her out of a nightclub for fighting.

Lauren Kerr, 26, bumped into Anthony Shaylor, 55, from Stockport, Greater Manchester, two days later when they both started jobs as support workers at the same firm.

A romance blossomed and the couple began dating – and last April they had their first daughter, Ruby.

Lauren said: "We met at a nightclub in Middlesbrough on a Saturday and he was a doorman. I was in trouble for fighting in the club and he escorted me out. Then on the Monday, I started a new job and he was standing there!"

She added: "He says it was love at first sight for him.

"He said he thought I was beautiful, and I liked his charisma and how he carried himself."

Lauren admitted most people think Anthony is her dad but said the 29-year age gap does not bother either of them.

She added: "For others concerned about falling in love with an older or younger person, trust your instincts – you won’t regret it."

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The pair met at the nightclub in 2017.

However, their first impressions of each other were not particularly positive, as Anthony was tasked with escorting Lauren out of the nightclub after she got into a brawl.

On the Monday morning that followed, Lauren started her new job as a support worker but was shocked when she turned up to work and realised that Anthony was also starting his new role at the very same company on the same day.

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But despite their bizarre first encounter, they began dating in November the same year.

The couple say they have had the full support of their families.

For Lauren, the advantages of being with a man almost three decades older are that Anthony has a wealth of life experience, is secure and stable, and knows who he is and what he wants in life.

When in public, they say they have found strangers will stare at them if they show any signs of affection towards one another.

Lauren has also been asked several times if she is Anthony’s daughter. While this used to bother her, she now says that she has learnt to laugh it off.

Despite already having a 19-year-old son from his previous marriage, Anthony is keen to get married once again, buy a house, travel together, and try for a second child with Lauren.

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