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Woman claiming to be Elon Musk’s ‘secret’ sister says his dad ‘offered DNA test’

A woman claiming to be the 'secret' half-sister of Elon Musk, the second richest man on the planet, has said his dad offered to take a DNA test before cutting off all communication.

According to 46-year-old Riette Nel, her mum Riana Van Deventer told son Gerrit that Errol Musk (Elon's dad) was his sister's dad on her death bed in 2019.

Gerrit told the Daily Mail that his mum "told me I wasn't to tell my sister", but he broke his silence in January this year and let his sister know.

Errol, 75, has denied that he could be the father. He confirmed that Riette had sent him a picture of her mother but told the Daily Mail that "I told her I have never seen the person in the photograph".

Riette now lives in British Columbia, Canada, and insists she isn't after the Musk's billions.

She told the paper: "I don't want anything from Errol or Elon, I just want to know what my roots are.

"I have told Errol you are welcome to have your attorneys draw up a contract which says I am not entitled to any kind of remuneration."

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Riette was born in South Africa in 1975 without a father listed on her birth certificate. She was told that a family friend called Rene was her father growing up, but the two were never close.

Her mum later said that she was conceived in a moment of passion on the hood of her dad's Rolls Royce at South Africa's Parliament, and she'd often leave for long weekends away with a rich suitor according to Riette.

Errol said that he didn't own a Rolls Royce until 1981.

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"Why would my mother lie to my brother? She knew she was dying, she had nothing to lose and nothing to gain from telling him," said Riette.

In messages with Riette, Errol reportedly that she had "strong features like all of us".

He also reportedly said: "I didn't have any relationships outside the marriage, but I don't have any problem with any test."

Errol met his childhood sweetheart Maye whilst they were young school kids and the couple married in 1970.

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Errol told the Daily Mail: "The idea of cheating on one's wife in those days was social anathema and unthinkable. In my case, such a thing would have likely been a dance with death, or at least resulted in broken limbs or permanent brain injury!

"Maye is not someone one cheats on, and besides I loved her dearly. At that time, we had been together since high school, which was more than ten years."

He added: "I have told her there is no possibility that she is my daughter, but to be congenial I said I would consider a DNA test if I am assured of privacy, and if she would provide me with proof of identity.

"She provided me with neither, particularly proof of identity."

Riette is still striving to prove that Errol is her father, and has reportedly even considered going back to South Africa to confront him.

Although Elon and Errol are famously not close, Riette believes that her possible half-brother may have pressured Errol to cut communication with her.

His last message read: "You are not related to me. Anything you publish that's false might incur a lawsuit. You do know that."

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