Wednesday, 4 Aug 2021

Woman recalls moment sharks tore her friends apart one by one after boat crash

A woman watched in horror as sharks ate her crew mates one by one after a storm capsized their boat in the middle of the night.

Deborah Scaling-Kiley, 24, told of how the killers rammed their life raft and devoured three of her pals in the Atlantic Ocean, reports.

It took hours for hundreds to start circling them after her crewmate Meg slashed her leg as the five-strong crew was thrown into the water.

Over the next five days, two of the crew were eaten by great white sharks ramming their 11-foot dinghy.

“The minute we got in there were fins surrounding the dinghy,” Deborah said. “They were everywhere.”

Deborah and fellow survivor Brad saw sharks pull their crewmate Mark Adams beneath the surface and the sea turned red with blood.

They had been on a routine sailing trip from Maine to Florida when her boat was engulfed in a tropical storm two days in and their horror account being retold to mark Discovery’s Shark Week 2021.

Deborah, from Texas, said she was looking forward to the six day, 1,300-mile trip to deliver the 58-foot yacht to a new owner in 1982.

Captain John Lippoth and his girlfriend Meg Mooney, yachtsman Brad and Englishman Mark Adams were also on board to go up the east coast of America.

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After perfect sailing conditions, 30-feet waves crashed against the mast and 112 km/h winds battered the sails as the drunk Captain fell asleep at the helm.

The boat was capsizing and Meg fell against some rigging, badly cutting her leg, reports.

Hours turned into days and the starving crew became severely dehydrated.

Meg's wounded leg became infected and blood poisoning spread through her body.

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Delirious with dehydration, John and Mark drank saltwater and started hallucinating before jumping into the water.

As John claimed he saw land and went into the water, “all of a sudden we just hear this shrill scream. Blood-curdling. Then it was over, silence. There was no crying, nothing. There was no doubt what got him. The sharks got him,” Deborah recalled.

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Mark later mumbled about going to a shop to buy beer and fags and then began a frenzied attack.

“It was by far the most horrifying moment of my entire life,” said Deborah.

‘We tried to sleep so we wouldn’t see Meg being eaten by sharks.

“We were sitting there watching Meg die and it was tragic."

They woke to the “fetid mess of seaweed, blood, urine and pus” on the floor.

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Brad admitted he considered eating her body in a desperate bid for survival and Deborah added: “It was such a sad moment because we laid her naked body on the side of the raft and then we decided we couldn’t just roll her off. She needed some sort of funeral.

“So we said the Lord’s Prayer and Psalm 23 and we gently pushed her body overboard. Then we decided to go back to sleep so when the sharks attacked we wouldn’t have to see it.”

In another terrifying moment, Brad fell into the water while trying to clean the boat out – and Deborah broke down as he struggled to find the strength to get back in.

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“I felt like I’d just doomed Brad to death,” she said. “If the sharks came back, he was dead.”

They were eventually saved after spotting a Russian cargo ship.

Deborah died in 2012 at her home in Mexico, at the age of 54, from unknown causes.

Brad continues to work as a mariner in Massachusetts but says the ordeal has left him a changed man.

“It’s not something that you turn off once you’ve been through it,” he says. “You keep living in survival mode. I don’t know if you’re shell-shocked but it’s impossible to just turn it off and live the way you did before.”

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