Monday, 2 Oct 2023

Woman who met Meghan Markle hits back at claims she was ‘paid’ to be nice to her

The woman who called Meghan Markle 'beautiful' while on the long walk at Windsor has slammed people for spreading rumours that she was planted in the crowd.

The Duchess of Sussex joined her husband, Prince Harry, and the Prince and Princess of Wales to thank wellwishers for paying respects to the late Queen, who died on Thursday (September 8).

The two couples viewed the floral tributes that were left outside the royal gates before greeting the crowd on the Long Walk.

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They spent 40 minutes speaking to the grieving members of the public and one young woman was caught on camera hugging Meghan.

Next to her, Isabelle Charters, who was seen wearing a denim jacket, called Meghan 'beautiful' and shared her experience online claiming Harry and his wife were "absolutely lovely."

But now the 24-year-old has been forced to correct people after false reports began circulating online claiming she was paid to be there to be nice.

Hitting back at the outlandish claims on TikTok, Isabelle explained: "I have seen videos, TikToks, articles saying that I am this girl's mother, saying that Megan's PR team paid me to be there, I was planted in that spot, that I knew Megan before from the Invictus Games.

"They're putting my picture next to some ladies, who I have no idea who she is, saying that I'm her. Which is crazy to me because I'm 24 and this girl's 14. So, you know, the logic is not there."

She then went on to show a Twitter post from a body language expert who has even been making claims that she was planted in the crowd and wanted people not to believe them.

Isabelle decided to correct the narrative being spun about her and explained that she "ultimately just wanted to post this video to show that the experience and the interaction that we had with Megan was really lovely and genuine."

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She added: "She was so kind to us, even though it was short, it was really sweet. Don't believe everything you read online guys.

"There are so many fake stories. People try so hard to put her down and to sell fake things. You just need to go off your own personal experiences to really make a judgment on someone.

"If I'm honest, this experience just made me love her."

You can leave your tributes to Queen Elizabeth II here .


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