Sunday, 28 Nov 2021

Woman’s horrifying injuries as dog tore off lip leaving face like ‘minced meat’

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A woman has been left scarred for life after a dog inexplicably attacked her, ripping off her lips and leaving her face in a "bloody mess".

Dog lover Marie Fast approached the pet outside a friend's house in September, but it pounced on her, sinking its teeth into her face, and tearing off her upper lip.

The 48-year-old, who has autism, has been left terrified of animals.

She had been chatting to the dog's owner, who was trimming hedges and who Marie had never met, before bending down to stroke the animal when it suddenly attacked. The dog was not on a lead.

The traumatised janitor lost the whole of her upper lip and was rushed straight to hospital by her mum, Carol, 70, where she had plastic surgery to try to rebuild it.

Marie's horrified sister, Kasja Sparks, 45, said the dog had bitten completely through her lip leaving her face looking like 'ground meat'.

Stay-at-home mum Kasja, rom Salt Lake City, Utah, said: "It was just a bloody mess, it looked like ground meat. She's scarred for life.

"Marie was at a friend's house in their yard and a guy drove by and got out of his car with his dog, which wasn't on a lead, to cut the branches so my sister was sitting there watching.

"Marie approaches animals carefully. The guy told her the dog's name so she got down to its level and that's when the dog just lunged and attacked her.

"It ripped off her upper lip and the guy grabbed his dog and left. Marie was on the ground screaming and crying."

Due to Marie's condition, she hasn't been able to identify the dog's breed but described it as 'big and brown'.

Kaisa said that the traumatic incident has left Marie feeling depressed and terrified of animals., and she now has "mini panic attacks" if she sees one.

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Marie was left eating through a straw for three weeks — and after two operations to try and rebuild her lip she's expected to have even more surgery, which will cost the family $10,000.

Kasja said: "They are trying to rebuild her lip but there isn't much left of it."

Her sister also said that Marie had been depressed for the first month after the attack, but her mood has lightened after being told that her face is improving.

Marie's family have set up a fundraising page to help pay for her medical bills.

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