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World War 3: US plan for ‘full vision dominance’ over sea, land and space exposed

The US is currently embroiled in a cat-and-mouse blame game with China over the coronavirus pandemic. Yesterday, US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, claimed there is “enormous evidence” the outbreak originated in a Chinese laboratory.

Pompeo failed, however, to provide any of the alleged evidence.

His comments mirrored those of US President Donald Trump, who last week undercut his own intelligence service agencies by suggesting he had seen evidence to back up claims the coronavirus originated in a lab.

This came despite the fact that not long before, the US national intelligence director’s office said it was still investigating how the virus began.

And, the office went as far as to say it had determined COVID-19 “was not man made or genetically modified”.

Meanwhile, China and president Xi Jinping also insist that the US is to blame for the pandemic.

Authorities there say the US released the virus in Wuhan during the city’s 2019 Military World Games in October.

Many have drawn attention to the fact that both sides are using each other as scapegoats to distract attention from their own misgivings concerning the virus.

While the US continues to struggle with its virus, becoming the worst affected country in the world, questions linger over China’s true infection rates and final death count.

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The US and China have been locked in a war of sorts for centuries.

Disagreements can be found throughout history, be it during the 19th century opium wars, the US’ China Exclusion Act of 1882, or opposition to the 20th century revolution of Mao Zedong.

Both sides have been engaged in an almost visible war in the past fifty years, beefing-up their military power and influence in the pacific and Asian oceans.

In May 2000, the United States Department of Defense proclaimed the need for “full-spectrum dominance” on the battlefield – a military power’s achievement of control over all dimensions of the battlespace.


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What became known as Vision 2020 emerged, with concepts from the idea forming the basis of the US’ military doctrine.

During 2016 documentary ‘The Coming War on China’, veteran journalist John Pilger divulged the vision’s contents and what it means on the world stage.

Narrating over the image of one of the Marshall Islands, Mr Pilger said: “This is the largest of the islands, Kwajalein.

“It’s occupied by one of America’s most important and secretive bases.

“Known as the Ronald Reagan test site, it’s a missile launch pad that commands the Pacific Ocean all the way to Asia and China.

“Here the people of the Marshall Islands are once again being subjected to the testing of weapons of mass destruction designed for a coming war.

“The base is part of a remarkable plan known as Vision 2020.

“Devised in the Nineties its aim is described officially as ‘full-spectrum dominance’.

“This means control of all land, sea, air, cyberspace, and space.”

The document envisages potential threats the US might come up against, as well as the possible responses that could ensue.

Much of the military power the US has built up and invested in over the years is tested on the Marshall Islands.

Some 5,000 miles away in California, missiles are fired towards the islands and documented for their impact on the surrounding area.

Although the missiles are not directly fired at the land of the islands, many campaigners and critics have drawn attention to the danger they pose should they accidentally veer off their intended course.

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