Monday, 25 Oct 2021

Wuhan’s coronavirus death toll rises by 50% after Chinese city revises original figures

Wuhan’s prevention and control taskforce’s latest figures have risen from 2,579 to 3,869. The updated figure comes after weeks of scepticism about the reported death toll, due to other countries seeing death tolls reach more than 10,000. The agency gave a list of reasons, such as the number of patients unable to reach hospitals, late, mistaken or double reporting, as well as difficulty linking information reported from private hospitals, temporary hospitals and other medical institutions that handled patients. It said: “Life and the people are paramount. Every loss of life during the epidemic is not just a source of sorrow for their family, but the city as well. We would like to send our sincere sympathies to the family members of those who died during the epidemic, as well as our comrades and medical staff who sacrificed their lives.” 


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